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Going Beyond
"Reasonable Accommodation"

You want to be more accessible and inclusive?
You want to reach a wider audience?

We can support your switch to a more accessible presence on line and in-person.

Our Services

[Icon] Sign Language (blue)
Sign Language Interpreters
Video Remote Interpreting on your preferred platform
[Icon] Translation Services(Blue_Circle)
Translation Services

Written text to sign language
sign language to text

[Icon] Video Insertion(Blue_Circle)
Video Insertion
Add an interpreter to all your video content, past or future

[Icon] Video Production(Blue_Circle)
Video Production


[Icon] Online Event Management(Blue_Circle)
Online Event Management

- Live and recorded events
- Your preferred platform
- Your brand

[Icon] SMS Services(Blue_Circle)
SMS Services

Distribute exciting and valuable information in text and ASL to your customers via SMS

What sets World In Sign apart?

World In Sign, LLC (WIS) is a deaf*-owned company dedicated to fostering accessibility to all levels of society through innovation, technology and education.

People who are deaf and/or blind* and people with other disabilities of all ages, as well as senior citizens, often face accessibility issues in their daily life that could be prevented easily through technology or simple adjustments.

WIS is a global company with ventures around the world. It was founded in 2019 when WIS participated in the ITU Conference in Budapest. Our motto, “One Technological World” is at the core of all our services. It is our way of showing our dedication to provide accessible telecommunication technology and products that unites and empowers EVERYONE around the world so they can communicate and access their full potential without any barriers.

*Wherever used on this website, “deaf” includes people identifying as Deaf, deaf, and Hard Of Hearing persons and, “blind” includes people identifying as Blind, blind and with vision impairment or low vision.

What do they say about WIS?

Our Partners

We are a global company with partnerships developed throughout years of personal and professional relationships from our founders.

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